Our Services

At White Perkins Associates, we believe that we cannot succeed unless you succeed, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering customized services to help suite the needs of you, your family, and yous business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have experience and expertise over a wide range of disciplines, ensuring that we are big enough to fit your needs, but small enough to know your name.

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The world of financial reporting can be complex and is ever changing. We are here to help you with the ever evolving world of accounting by helping you with financial statement preparation and also assisting you and your staff to better understand your reporting needs.

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Sometimes you need more assurance over financial statement or reports be it due to bank requirements, government regulations, required by your board of directors, or another reason. We provide audit and review services to for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations.

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No one wants to pay more tax than they have to. That's why we work one-on-one to analyze and customize a taxation plan that works for you and your family. We can assist you with a wide arrange of tax needs including personal, corporate, and trust taxation; US tax; rebate applications; and estate planning.

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Employees are the key to any business, but payroll and navigating the reporting requirements for the Canada Revenue Agency and Workers Compensation Board can be tricky. That's why we can help you with anything from advice, to payroll support, to full payroll services.


For a small business, simply keeping up on your bookkeeping can be a struggle. With full bookkeeping services, including preparing and filing GST/HST returns and other filings we can help relieve the undertaking.


Businesses, markets, and economic conditions are constantly evolving. Are you looking to start a business? Building a new boat or buying a license? Add a service or product? Planning an expansion? We can help guide in the process with preparing business plans and providing advice on financing, strategy, and more.