CAREERS AT WHITE perkins associates

Why White perkins associates?

White Perkins Associates is an unusual public accounting firm: we encourage all our staff to maintain a good work-life balance and to get out there and support our community. Our office is a fun place to work with a great team that just gets along. Don't believe us? Just ask one of our team and they'll tell you.

If you think you'd be a fit for us, we'd love to hear from you.


phone: 902-742-2333


On top of being an awesome place to come and work, we offer plenty of benefits to our employees:

  • Medical and dental plans,
  • Short- and long-term disability coverage,
  • Community service time,
  • Physical fitness time,
  • Professional development in house and through other parties, and
  • Best of all: Cake on your birthday!



We want employees that are not one dimensional. Like to stay fit? Good! Volunteer? Great! Spend time with your family? Excellent! Easy to get along with? Perfect! You'll fit right in, clients will love you, you'll be more successful, and the firm will be more successful.


This is an industry where you must have a high level personal ethics. Without it we all suffer. We want people who can apply sound judgement and reasoning, even in difficult decisions, making the choices that are the correct ones, even if it isn't the most profitable one.


Although our firm is in a small town, it is very diverse. Our community, and thus our clients, come from around the world, speak many different languages, and have had varied life experiences. We want staff that fit this mould, but also respect those in our community of different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds to our own.



We are an accredited training office with the Atlantic School of Chartered Professional Accountants. We want students that are not only looking to bring something to our team, but also to our community.  As a small firm, we are able to provide you with a wide range of experiences that you would not be able to receive at larger firms, allowing you to not only see the big picture, but also see and meet our clients.

It is our belief that the unique responsibility that we put on our student's shoulders is why we have had a 100% success rate with accounting students making it through and passing their certification exams.


Are you an experienced accountant looking for a change? Or are you someone with skills in accounting, tax, bookkeeping, or business advisory and you think you can add something to our firm? We are always on the lookout for smart, hardworking people that will fit our team and can respond to a complex and diverse client base with challenging work covering anything from accounting and assurance to tax planning and business advisory.

If our firm sounds like something you are looking for, we'd like to talk.